Elvis Express 2014 Entertainment

Elvis Express 2014 Entertainment Confirmed.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. I'm very excited to confirm the following ETA's for the 2014 Elvis Express.

The superstar Elias Jamhour will be headlining the Elvis express once again. Elias will be performing on the plaform at Central station prior to departure. Steven Head will head will playing a few tunes and of course bringing his pink cadilac stage.

Elias and Carmine Cimilio will be entertaining you on the train from Sydney to Parkes. That's right, you will now get 2 shows in your carriage enroute. Sensational!!!!

The Sunday night show line up will include Elias, Carmine, Allan Wright and John Elvis Collins as your host. This is the highlight of the festival in my opinion. This show is going to rock!!!!

Bringing the train home on Monday will be our good mate from down south Damian Mullin. Good to have you onboard Damian.

This is going to be awesome.

Stay tuned for more ticketing information.




Source: CountryLink