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Jailhouse Rock

Given the right material, Elvis could well have been another Laurence Olivier. However, most of his films concentrated on just his star power, and were only made to bring in big numbers at the box office. This film however, stands out. Elvis showed us that he could indeed act, and was potentially more than just a big name that could bring in a lot of money. Jailhouse Rock was Elvis’ one shining moment on the big screen, and it’s a pity he was not given the opportunity to act, as opposed to being a movie star.The dance sequence to the title song, which I understand was put together by Elvis himself, has to be one of the greatest movie scenes of all time. It is the example you would give to best exemplify the all around star that Elvis Presley was. Incredible. Also worthy of note is the performance of Judy Tyler, a promising young actress who was lost all too soon in a road accident just three days after filming was completed. Perhaps Jailhouse Rock is not ranked among the all time great films, but nonetheless, it is a good movie.

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