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King Creole

King Creole – Paramount 1958

Elvis Presley’s most critically acclaimed performance as an actor was in what is considered (rivaled only by ”Jailhouse Rock”) the best of all the films he starred in – ”King Creole” (1958). The story was based upon the Harold Robbins novel ”A Stone For Danny Fisher”. Elvis played the role of Danny.

The film was directed by Michael Curtiz. Danny Fisher (Elvis) coming up from the ghetto to seek fame and fortune as a singer in the New Orleans Jazz clubs. Along the way he tangles with gangland boss Maxie Fields (Walter Matthau) and love interest Ronnie played by Carolyn Jones.Harold Robbins was a successful author whose novels sold over 750,000,000 copies worldwide and most of them were made into movies. Robbins grew up in an orphanage as well as in several foster homes. He took his name from one of those foster families. His early jobs included a numbers runner and a futures buyer. He had made and lost a million dollars by age twenty. He became a writer after working his way up with Universal Pictures, starting as a shipping clerk. He specialized in novels about celebrity and Hollywood.

”King Creole” co-starred Carolyn Jones, who is best known for her work in the TV show ”The Addams Family”, also co-starring in ”King Creole” was Walter Matthau and for a second time was Dolores Hart, daughter of actor Bert Hicks and niece of singer Mario Lanza. Dolores also starred with Elvis in his 1957 movie ”Loving You”

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