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Las Vegas Moonlight

Las Vegas Moonlight: Released in a long line of Audience recordings from the Czech Republic is this ”Las Vegas Moonlight” with Elvis December 10, 1975 midnight concert. This time a complete concert, contrary to the 14 year old “Neon City Lights” release of this concert.


Is this Elvis on the cover … the fan club used to hire a good designer, but this Elvis looks more like an imposter or a cheap plastic doll. We know our man wasn’t in the best shape, but you could have used one of the more attractive pictures used inside the booklet. The liner notes, usually to the point, are way too optimistic for what we hear on this CD.


”Can’t Help Falling In Love” is the first song after the standard opening ”2001 / See See Rider”. Regarding the audio quality of the tape…. not a bad choice sound wise (although the CD isn’t too bad for an audience, we simply heard too many of these lately). But the audience loved it, and so did we, the song sounded totally different from the standard closing theme it usually is. Because his joke turned out well Elvis picks up the show with energy. He does a short version of ”When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again” before he returns to his standard set list, joking with the audience some more before doing a good version of ”I Got A Woman” but losing it all on the ”Amen” part of the medley messing around with JD and our speaker set again … and again.

There is a mediocre version of ”Trying To Get To You”, too much on the autopilot for our liking. On his favourite ”You Gave Me A Mountain” we hear some of the Elvis we know. On ”Just Pretend” he corrects the band on their performance. The audience reacts with ”tell them Elvis” to which he says, ”I will”. But listening to the performance, it wasn’t the band messing up. On ”America The Beautiful” he tries, but he can’t really deliver. From here we browsed the remaining of the concert in fast forward, but nothing special remains, only ”My Way”, partly as a duet with Sherill Nielsen is worth mentioning. The second version of ”Can’t Help Falling In Love” closes the show definitely.


We got several interesting releases from the Czech republic, but this isn’t one in that line, especially because it was released before on ”Neon City Nights” 14 years ago (in worse quality, we must admit). But we guess the Czech fan club scratched the bottom of the barrel here stepping away from releasing completely previously unreleased concerts.

Note: reading the reactions we gave this release a second spin and corrected the ”Dixie” title, thanks for the correction ”Way Up”.

Source: ElvisNews

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