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Live A Little, Love A Little – Part 1 of 3

Live A Little, Love A Little – Part 1 of 3

A Look at the Movie ”Live A Little, Love A Little” – Part 1 of 3:

On March 4, 1968 Elvis reported to MGM to begin pre-production on the film ”Kiss My Firm But Pliant Lips” based on the novel of the same name by Dan Greenburg.

Greenburg was born and educated in Illinios. He received his Masters Degree at UCLA and became an award-winning ad copywriter. Later he was managing editor of ”Eros” magazine. He became a best-selling writer with his 1964 book ”How To Be A Jewish Mother.” He along with Michael A. Hoey adapted his novel ”Kiss My Firm But Pliant Lips” into the screenplay for Elvis’s movie which would become entitled ”Live A Little, Love A Little,” although other titles also considered including ”Bumblebee Oh Bumblebee” and ”Born Rich.” Greenburg went on to write other productions including ”Oh! Calcutta!” and the TV series ”Adam’s Rib.”

Writer, director and producer Michael A. Hoey was born in London and came to the U.S. as a child. Son of character actor Dennis Hoey, he grew up around the Hollywood movie studios. He worked with director Norman Taurog on several Elvis movies: ”Tickle Me”, ”Spinout”, ”Stay Away Joe” and ”Live a Little, Love A Little.” He received two Emmy Award nominations for his work on the TV series ”Fame.” Among his credits is having produced several Emmy Award shows.

Working with musical conductor and writer Billy Strange, Elvis recorded the soundtrack at Western Recorders on 3/7/68. Strange’s method of using written charts was foreign to Elvis’s more casual style of recording.

Principal photography began on 3/13/68. Locations included the Pacific Coast Highway near Malibu, Marineland, the Hollywood Citizen News building, the Los Angeles Music Center and the streets of the Hollywood Hills.

Elvis’s somewhat kooky love interest Bernice/ Betty/Suzie/Alice was played by actress Michele Carey who had been a top model for the Powers Agency. Her film credits include ”El Dorado” and ”Dirty Dingus Magee” among others. She was also the voice of ”Effie” the computer on the Robert Conrad TV series ”A Man Called Sloane.”

There has been a long-held myth that Elvis and Priscilla’s dog Brutus was used in this movie as Albert the Great Dane. Not believing this to be true, we checked with Priscilla herself. She said it was not their dog but a professionally trained ”working dog that was hired for the film.”

Next week we continue with Part 2 in this series.

Source: EPE

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