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Live A Little, Love A Little – Part 2 of 3

A Look at the Movie ”Live A Little, Love A Little” – Part 2 of 3:

Elvis’s twenty-eighth movie was the 1968 MGM film ”Live A Little, Love A Little” in which he plays photographer Greg Nolan. Greg juggles working for two very different employers played by Don Porter and Rudy Vallee.

Don Porter began his career in the 1940s on stage and in films, but he may be best remembered for his TV roles as Ann Sothern’s boss on both ”Private Secretary” and ”The Ann Sothern Show” as well as playing Sally Field’s father on the ”Gidget” TV series.

Rudy Vallee was a popular singer and bandleader in the 1920s and 30s known for his trademark of singing through a megaphone. He became an actor on stage, screen and TV often playing comedy roles in a career that spanned over sixty years.

The late Dick Sargent played Harry Baby in this film. He was born Richard Cox, the son of actress Ruth McNaughton and Hollywood business manager Elmer Cox. He had roles in a number of movies and TV series, the most memorable playing Darrin Stephens on the TV series ”Bewitched.” Although he replaced an ailing Dick York in the part, it was Sargent who was first offered the role when the series began. Being already under contract for something else, Sargent was unable to take the part at that time. Sargent had a bit part in Elvis’s first movie ”Love Me Tender” (1956).

Georgia-born Sterling Holloway had the role of the Milkman in ”Live A Little, Love A Little.” Ironically he began his career in silent films; however, he went on to be the voice of many animated movie characters. Perhaps his most famous voice was that of the beloved character Winnie the Pooh.

Eddie Hodges played the delivery boy Woodrow. Hodges stage credits include in ”The Music Man” and ”Critic’s Choice.” He has appeared in movies and television and he had several hit records in the 1960s. Outside of a guest appearance on ”Law & Order” in 1996, the Mississippi native gave up performing in 1969 to become a rehabilitation counsellor in his home state.

Among the many models that appear in this film you might spot Susan Henning as dressed as a mermaid in one of Greg (Elvis) Nolan’s photo sessions. She dated Elvis for a brief time and appeared in the in the bordello scene of the big production of his 1968 TV special – she’s the blonde in the pink dress to whom he sings ”Let Yourself Go.”

Next week we’ll conclude this look at the movie ”Live A Little, Love A Little.”

Source: EPE

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