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Love Me Tender

Love Me Tender – Paramount 1956

Elvis’ first movie, Love Me Tender, premiered Nov. 15, 1956 at New York’s Paramount Theater.
Vance Reno (Richard Egan), two of his younger brothers and some members of a cavalry group from the South steal the pay of the Northern army. After their return they learn that the war is over already. They split the money and return home. To Vance the reunion is a disappointment, because he had been reported as dead two years before, and his youngest brother Clint (Elvis) has married Vance’s girl. Conflicts and misunderstandings because of the stolen money follow each other. The brothers are arrested and freed again. Clint gets shot while he is defending his brother Vance during a fight, and he dies.
Actor Richard Egan who played Vance Reno, older brother to Elvis’ character, Clint. He won a Golden Globe award in 1953 as Most Promising Male Newcomer.
Neville Brand played Mike Gavin, the man who shot and killed Elvis’ character. Mildred Dunnock played Elvis’ mother. Dunnock was nominated twice for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar – first for Death Of A Salesman (1951) and then for Baby Doll (1956). She was a schoolteacher before becoming a character actress.
Bruce Bennett played Major Kincaid. Bruce Bennett was his name as an actor. Before that he was known as Herman Brix, a silver medal winner for shot put in the 1928 Olympics.

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