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Loving You

Elvis’ second movie and his first in colour was the 1957 Paramount films ”Loving You”. A young truck driver Deke Rivers (Elvis Presley) is discovered as a singer by a press agent, Glenda Markle (Lizabeth Scott) during an election-campaign. She contracts him for a band. His success grows bigger from performance to performance, but he has to choose between the press agent, who is responsible for his success, and the female-singer of the band, Susan Jessup (Dolores Hart), who he likes very much.
”Loving You” was originally titled ”Lonesome Cowboy” and then changed to ”Running Wild”. Famous TV host Ed Sullivan referred to this title when Elvis made his last appearance on his show, January 6, 1957. Production began on January 21, 1957 and was completed in early March. Finally, ”Loving You”, the name of a song Leiber and Stoller wrote for Elvis for the movie, became the title.
”Loving You” premiered in Memphis on July 10, 1957 at the Strand Theater. Elvis didn’t go to that showing. Instead, he took his date Anita Wood and his parents to a private midnight screening. The film opened nationally on July 30, 1957 and peaked at #7 on the Variety National Box Office Survey.

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