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Milo High

Milo High: One of Elvis’s former pilots, Milo High, has passed away. High flew both the Hound Dog 1 and was co-pilot to the Lisa Marie. Elvis paid $250,000 in 1975 for the 96 seat, four engine plane Lisa Marie and spent over a half a million dollars more to have it stripped & customized to include a lounge with suede sofas and leather-topped game tables, a conference/dining room with leather recliner chairs, a sitting/guest bedroom, a master bedroom with a queen-size bed, and a fully equipped galley, and two half-baths with 24K gold-flecked sinks. Television, video and stereo systems, sky phones and gold-plated seat belt buckles were among the other appointments and accessories. Elvis employed a full-time crew of four for his plane including pilot Milo High.
It was on this plane in February 1976 that Elvis flew with friends from Memphis to Denver (900 miles) just to pick up a takeaway. From Graceland, he ordered them all a specialty sandwich named Fool’s Gold because of its outrageous price -$49.95. Elvis’ plane touched down at 1:40 am in Denver and taxied to a private hangar. The owner of the restaurant personally brought Elvis and his party the order of twenty-two loaves on silver trays along with a case of Perrier, a case of champagne and a chest of cracked ice as requested. Elvis, his friends and the crew feasted on board then headed back to Memphis…

Funeral arrangements: Family Funeral Care, 4925 Summer Ave. Memphis, TN 38122
Source: ElvisMatters

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