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I am an Elvis Tribute Artist andi live eat and breathe Elvis
To me being an ETA is a life style everywhere i go someone is heard saying ”hey look theres Elvis ” and it pleases me to see the younger generation staying in touch with the memories of the King

I was injured in a car accident back in 2002 and since then have been limited in my movement so these days i only do a vocal tribute with a costume or 4 depending on the show i am available for private functions at budget prices for those that love Elvis but don’t have the bank ballance. i am currently based in melbourne but do travell interstate if the need arises

we also run karaoke cabaret functions so that the guests can be stars also. this can be a fun way to entertain your friends without the added expense of an extra artist it is all combined into one package

feel free to drop me a line or check out my myspace web site

TCB Rick

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