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My Baby Left Me

My Baby Left Me: An exclusive joint venture with MRS and HMV UK release a 30th Anniversary Enhanced CD Single and 10” Vinyl Limited Edition Special using original 1956 HMV artwork inner labels and sleeves. All units are individually numbered.

‘My Baby Left Me’, a classic rock anthem very much neglected by BMG, is released as an A side for the first time backed with ‘One-Sided Love Affair’ on August 20th 2007. The CD will also include a live video of Elvis performing ‘Don’t Be Cruel’ in Tupelo Mississippi.

This release is ONLY available to purchase on the HMV website and Stores only on the week of release.

The CD and 10” vinyl tracks are from newly sourced masters. We are proud that the master we have for ‘One-Sided Love Affair’ will noticeably take the lead in sound quality on anything that has previously been released. The full take version can be heard on a forthcoming MRS released later this year.

The CD single is packaged with a completely black CD (both sides) and will have the original HMV standard label GOLD PRINT ON PURPLE in a vinyl effect record. This is then housed in a smart HMV 45 wallet replicated from the original 1956 sleeve which in turn is then placed into the picture CD cover. The stickers will be on the shrink wrap not on the artwork. Only 15,000 copies are made of these and all are individually numbered.

The 10” vinyl is packaged in high grade stock cover, again replicated to the original HMV sleeve and the labels will be replicated to the original HMV EXPORT version of the original. GOLD PRINT ON PURPLE print. Only 10,000 are made of these and all are individually numbered.

Source: Memphis Recording Service

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