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New ABC Website In US

New ABC Website In US: Complementing their ”Viva Las Vegas” TV program screened on 18th September, ABC News has their own webpage dedicated to Elvis. The following stories and interviews are featured:
– Elvis: The Original American Idol; Priscilla talks about Elvis’ universal appeal.
– Something Incredible on the Scene; Priscilla remembers the first time she met Elvis.
– The Allure of Sin City; Jerry Schilling about why Elvis loved Vegas.
– Elvis: The Babe Ruth of Rock and Roll; Chris Isaak explains why Elvis is his idol.
– Faith Hill recalls her first Elvis concert at the age of eight.
– Beyonce Knowles says Elvis’ effortless soul is timeless.
– Elvis Rocked the Garden; The Rock says Elvis set a benchmark for success in show biz.
– Elvis Is Everywhere; Chris Daughtry knows Elvis well, though he never met him.

Variety has reported that the ABC special ”Viva Las Vegas” did poorly with only 6.4 Million viewers, a very small number of people watching the show, despite good promo from ABC, looks like the show will be in the top 20 only because the regular programming resumes next week.
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