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New Tupelo Museum Opens

New Tupelo Museum Opens: The ‘new’ Tupelo Museum, next to the birth house, is ready. Designer Scott Blake, who designed museums for the Kremlin and the Vatican, focuses on the story of Elvis’ life in Tupelo using dramatic themes, artefacts, audio and video clips. Two-thirds of the exhibit highlights young Elvis and use muted colours and textures to tell that tale, while the last third showcases Elvis as a performer with vibrant hues and backdrops & original stage outfits to accentuate that part of his life. A special eye catcher is a display signifying the special friendship between Janelle McComb and Elvis. McComb donated most of the memorabilia for the museum, which was given to her as a gift by Presley himself. Pictures are not yet available, as the new museum opens on the 8th of January.

Source: Elvis Matters

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