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On Stage – The Rock And Roll Years

On Stage – The Rock And Roll Years
Sep 18, 2005
Second of three DVD import releases is ”On Stage – The Rock And Roll Years”. The other DVDs in this series are a collection of movie performances and the CBS Special entitled ”That’s Live”.


The DVD comes in a three-panel digi pack on DVD format. The front design is a DVD edition of Elvis’ first album, matching the content of this DVD, his early television performances. The package contains live pictures, strangely enough not from or related to the television appearances. The back has a list of the performances; all performances are numbered, but unfortunately not dated. The last would be helpful regarding the recurring titles.


This release contains what appears to be all the available early television performances from the fifties and early sixties (Sinatra’s ”Welcome Home Elvis”). The footage is taken from all available sources, like ”The Great Performances” and the before mentioned Sinatra show. The editors did not make the effort to hide that. We see announcements and title tracks from several original releases.

Although the footage has been toned town in quality to fit it all on this disk, it does not really mind with footage of this visual quality and we enjoyed watching these old performances again. It is a shame the Colonel didn’t allow more television appearances during Elvis’ career, we would have something to look at now.


Just like you we prefer the best, but one disk with all the material available without the documentary parts in between is worth something too.

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