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Parkes 2009

A lot of our readers may remember our January 2008 article in regards to the judging of the Elvis Idols Contest. I was critical of the judges view, on who were the winners of the adult contest, as well as some of the downfalls for catering to such a large crowd by this small town. Following the article I was approached and asked would I consider providing a judge for the contests. I readilly accepted and I’m now one of the judges for the Elvis Idols Contest, Lookalike Contest, and also the Rock ‘N’ Roll Dance Competition a new inclusion for 2009. Another new inclusion is the Elvis Poets Breakfast on Thursday 8 January.
In the festivals early days, my then business partner George Galea and I assisted by arranging the entertainment for the main shows, so the chance to again help with the judging of contests is welcomed as I believe that ones actions should be louder than words and the giving of my time to assist this festival in any way possible, I believe was a good start.
This year, our club is going to have a larger presence, at the Parkes Elvis Revival Festival, by also introducing a club stall, selling a large range of Elvis Memorabilia, Providing Non Stop Elvis Music (CDs and also live Tributes provided by our club members) and also promoting our travel service and our upcoming 2009 Memphis Tour and 2010 Blue Hawaii Tour, our club travel agents will be with us on site to answer your questions.
So to all our club members in attendance, come by and say hello to our committee members on site.
Source: Club President

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