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Parkes Elvis Festival 2024

It spent a big 3 days at the Parkes Elvis Festival, had a great time catching up with friends and making new friends, all with one thing in common the love of the one and only Elvis Presley. I saw a tonne of ETA’s over the course of the 3 days. Would like to say a quick thank-you to Barbara Ribbe, for helping me with accommodation. To all the Elvis Presley Fan Club Members I caught up with, it was great seeing you, to the Abra Brothers great to finally meet you Paul and Nick. To fellow USA Tour members and old ETA friends, Andree and I did my best to catch with you all. To my ETA friends I did my best to catch at least one of your shows. To new ETA friend’s Len Connolly The Spirit of Elvis, Tennessee Tajc (what a great future young man you have at only being 15, don’t let anybody change you), Nigel, Terry and Barry thanks for the fun. To the New Zealand ETA’s in attendance great to see you and thanks for coming across the ditch. To our Australian ETA’s who worked hard across the entire weekend as well, thank-you all. To Jack Gatto, saw you when you 1st started singing Karaoke with Glen Vass and Steve Head at the Broadway Hotel in Parkes a few years ago now. Well Saturday night blew me away, you are world class, young man and the equal to any international ETA, I have seen (The Parkes Organisers could not do better than making you the headline act for the festival). On Saturday Night in the Cookes Park they did a beautiful tribute remembering the 1st Anniversary of Lisa Maree Presley’s untimely passing, which was very moving. To all the ETA’s who entered the Ultimate Contest, well done to all of you, none of you were losers’ pity all of you could not go and represent the festival. To Che Orton good luck in Memphis in August, you take with you a huge amount of support and well wishes. It was fun in Parkes, put a few dollars into their shops, cafes, clubs and got to see two young men aged 15, keep the memory of Elvis alive, they were a highlight. My only concern and it has been a concern for a number of years is the cost to attend. Accommodations, shows and food at some places (not all) is quite expensive for a couple let alone a family. Takecare everyone Jim Porter.

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