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Patch It Up

Patch It Up: Music For Fans is the name of a new import label. Their first release will be a ”concept album”, containing acetates from the June 1970 sessions and (rare) live recordings from 1970 to 1977 (to us this sounds like two concepts). The CD will be delivered with a 16 page booklet.

Tracks: The Fool Acetate; Little Cabin On The Hill Acetate; Cindy Cindy Acetate; Got My Mojo Workin Acetate; It’s Your Baby You Rock it Acetate; I Didn’t Make it on Playing Guitar Alternate; I Really Don’t Want To Know Alternate; Faded Love Acetate; Tomorrow Never Comes Acetate; Take The World go Away Acetate; I Washed my Hands in Muddy Words Alternate; Patch It Up Acetate; Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ on Alternate; Patch it up 10.08.70 opening night; Blue Suede Shoes / Whola Lotta …September 07, 1970 CS; Make The World Go Away January 27, 1971; Blue Suede Shoes/Whola Lotta… August 30, 1971; Faded Love February 15, 1973 DS; Long Tall Sally/Whole Lotta…Seattle April 29, 1973; Faded Love May 13, 1973 3 AM; Rock Medley Uniondale June 24, 1973; Faded Love Nashville July 1, 1973 AS; Faded Love August 7,1973 MS; Make The World Go Away August 08, 1973; I Really Don’t Want To Know Jacksonville May 30, 1977; I Really Don’t want to know Mobile June 02,1977; I Really Don’t want to know Indianapolis June 26, 1977 .

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