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Petition For Stamp In Memory Of Sam Phillips

Petition For Stamp In Memory Of Sam Phillips: Liz Scott, President of Alabama Fans TCB For Elvis Fan Club is coordinating the stamp petition for Sam Phillips. Liz came up with the idea in 2005, she approached the postmaster in Florence and then the Phillips family joined forces with Liz to make this happen.

Liz tells Elvis Unlimited, ” The family feels Florence should have the honor of unveiling the stamp before Memphis because it was Florence that gave birth to Sam’s inspiration to become who he was. Sam often remarked that Florence, Alabama and the Tennessee River are the most beautiful places on this earth.”

”After a year of discussion and planning, Jerry authorized me to make an official announcement on January 3, 2007 at the Sam Phillips Proclamation ceremony (City of Florence proclaims Sam Phillips Week and makes it official at the city council meetings in January) that the petition for a stamp is now in place and that Jerry and I are working on getting this honor for his dad.” said Liz.

Liz explains what we fans need to do to have this stamp become a reality, ”The postal service has requested that we get 10,000 signatures. So far, I have about 370 on the online petition and I have 4,000 (estimate) that includes 3 books I have, one at Tupelo, Sun Studios and one always with me. I need several more signatures. It will literally take an act of Congress to get this to happen. The US Congress has power over the USPS which stamps they will issue.

Then Postmaster General meets with the Citizens Advisory Stamp Committee. I have a letter in to Alabama (Democrat) Congressman Bud Cramer, but have no response. Judy Sizemore, his administrative assistant, called me in the spring of this year and told me what I needed to do. She advised that once I have the 10,000 signatures, then she will be able to set up a meeting for Jerry and I to meet with Congressman Cramer.

So we need the fans to sign the petition either in person or our on line petition. Jerry and Knox keep a close eye on it and are touched by many of the comments left on the on line petition.”

If you are in Memphis, please stop by Sun Studios and sign the petition or use this link to sign the petition on line.

Liz Scott is working very hard behind the scenes with the Phillips family to commemorate Sam Phillips and his legacy.

Source: Elvis Unlimited

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