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Rex and Elisabeth Mansfield launch new Web site

Rex and Elisabeth Mansfield launch new Web site –

Rex and Elisabeth Mansfield, who befriended Elvis Presley while in the Army, have announced the creation of a new Web site dedicated to their famous friend. will be launched on March 24, 2008. The date is in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of Elvis Presley and Rex Mansfield’s induction in the US Army at the Kennedy Veterans Memorial Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. That was the first time that Mansfield ever laid eyes on the world’s greatest entertainer.

“Elvis Presley was not what I had expected him to be. I saw him for the first time sitting resolutely by himself on a front row chair in the induction room, dressed in a multi-coloured, checkered sport coat with stylish motorcycle-type boots,” Mansfield recalled. “I immediately wanted to protect him, for reasons I could not begin to understand.”

Mansfield became one of Presley’s closest friends in the Army, whom Elvis nicknamed, “Rexadus.” The two men served together in Germany, where they met 19-year-old Elisabeth Stefaniak at the Tower Theater in Grafenwohr. Elisabeth became Presley’s German secretary and was poised to work for him at Graceland. Instead, she married Rex Mansfield. The two have been married for nearly 48 years. will feature a 50th Anniversary commemorative edition of their book, Sergeant Presley: Our Untold Story of Elvis’ Missing Years. The updated version of their book is a lively account of their years with the King (1958-1960) with chapters written by both Rex and Elisabeth Mansfield. Priced at $37, Sergeant Presley contains many never seen before photos of Presley taken during the Army years.

The site will also contain limited edition fine art prints of Presley in the Army, profiles of Rex and Elisabeth Mansfield, copies of official U.S. Induction and Discharge papers, autographed photos, blogs, frequently asked questions and other multi-media media.

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