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Riley Keough Fights Back Over Responsibility for Late Mother Lisa Marie Presley’s Debt

A bank is asking for over $1 million from Keough.

Riley Keough doesn’t plan to be held responsible for a debt her late mother, Lisa Marie Presley, reportedly owes Barclays Bank. According to court filings, via TMZ, Keough is fighting back against Barclays’ request that she, as the sole trustee of Presley’s estate, pay back about $1.6 million in relation to an estate her mother had in Rotherfield, England called Coes Hall. When Presley purchased the home in 2010, she did so with the help of a loan from Barclays. Now, the bank is claiming Presley personally guaranteed payment, leaving her trust to pay back the balance after her death. But Keough doesn’t agree, citing a statute of limitations that reportedly required Barclays to file a claim about the debt by Jan. 12, 2024, a year after Presley’s death. Along with that, Keough’s court filings also reference an agreement from Presley that allegedly only guaranteed loan interest payments between 2010, when she bought Coes Hall, and 2015, shortly before it went back on the market.

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