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Sid Shore

Sid Shore in the recent emailed Elvisly Yours update advises that the recent Elvis Presley In Concert Tour of Australia was a financial flop and will not be back here again.

I must admit that I don’t know whether it made or lost money for the Australian Promoter. I’m told by those who attended Melbourne and Sydney that the shows were not sell outs. This could be due to the fact that people had seen them before and that the cast, namely the TCB Band has toured here a number of times with other artists.

Maybe the cost also stopped a number of people and may I dare say that a number of people on our 2007 tour decided to save the money from here and purchase a ticket for the 30th Anniversary Concert in Memphis (I know I did).

Also Sid talks about the rumours that EPE wants to use younger musicians with the show in the future probably following the 30th Anniversary. At this time this rumour appears on a number of sites, but to my knowledge EPE has not officially announced this.

It’s been a big year for Sid, and his continuing fight with EPE, also in a recent emailed newsletter he rubbished the Parkes Organisers for contacting EPE for a licence.

I know Sid and EPE have had legal battles. I also do not agree with a number of things EPE do.

But surely as we approach the 30th Anniversary of Elvis’ death, it is time to get over past differences & hurts and look to the future and the promotion of the King.

Source: Jim Porter

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