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Suzanna Leigh

Suzanna Leigh: co-star to Elvis in ”Paradise Hawaiian Style” is hosting a garden party in Memphis, next August. The 2-day event is called ”Night of a Thousand Stars”. Some of the co-stars participating in this event are Pat Priest, Nancy Kovack, Sue Ane Langdon, Irene Tsu, Jan Shepard, Gloria Pall, Jennifer Holden, Will Hutchins, Lance LeGault, Donna Butterworth, Michael Dante, Jack Carter, Jack Grinnage, Dolores Hart, Director John Ritch, L.Q. Jones, William Campbell, and more to come. ElvisMatters has attended Suzanna’s garden parties before, and we found them ideal occasions to get to know the former Elvis co-stars better. Members (or non-members) travelling with us to Memphis, can expect a special package with all the flyers for the August events in Memphis, so they can make their own choices.

Source: ElvisMatters

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