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The Life I Lived With So Called Elvis

The Life I Lived With So Called Elvis: Authorhouse published this 52 pages book ”The Life I Lived With So Called Elvis” by Judith Martin last October (ISBN: 1420866419).

Authorhouse is a self-publish company.

Synopsis: ”Though life seem risky, with no self worth little hope and love, helping others was and is my life’s passion. This book is about forgiveness and sharing a relation ship with issues that need to be met, only when you are able to recognise this can receive the help that is needed.

Unfortunately when threes a need to manipulate and to deceit others life can be difficult for Themselves and with those they are in contact with any to those who will always have a connection with them.

I believe accomplished to the Best of my ability love, and the importance of truth, and compassion. Having a history of lies, self love, questions what can create person bore to these traits only the person him or herself knows and only whom can correct with there own eagerness’ want help.

This has brought to me one important person who I dearly love and always will. A wonderful compassionately person. Who experienced a tragic life with a close family member whom will always be a heart warming and unforgettable memory in my life”.

Source: Elvis Club Berlin

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