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The Lost Outtakes (from On Tour)

The Lost Outtakes (from On Tour):
By Dan Siciliano, Oct 31, 2005
Has this ever happened to you…? You’re not really looking for something special, but you stumble on it and out of the blue, it blows you away! It’s so cool that you just have to tell someone or you will bust! Well, I just have to tell someone about these ”newly” surfaced outtakes from ”Elvis On Tour”. How many years have we wondered what lies in the vaults at MGM and RCA in regards to ”On Tour”. About a decade ago we got a small sample in the form of some ”Lost Performances”, but like tasting a small bit at the grocery store, you now want to buy it by the pound! I recently viewed the ”Lost Outtakes” from On Tour and let me say they are nothing short of astounding! Maybe we are spoiled with the great footage from ”That’s the Way It Is” and the wonderful ”Follow That Dream (come True) label releases. I have no idea how this footage got out, where it came from or who obtained it, but I’m not asking those questions, not just yet anyway!

Imagine, for years wondering what it was like to be in the studio with Elvis while he recorded ‘Burning Love”. We just got an audio treat a few months ago with the FTD release ”On Tour Rehearsals”. Now we are wondering what else lies in store for us in regards to ”On Tour”. This newest footage will amaze you, astound you, and put a BIG smile on your face. Elvis On Tour’s Outtakes provide us with a very rare glimpse of Elvis actually On Tour and what it was like at all those shows, back behind the stage and rehearsing for the shows.

Now, on to the footage… Elvis rehearsals, rehearsals and more rehearsals! The one I got is a 3 disc set with the original movie with added scenes and a bonus disc of ”outtakes”. Don’t no for sure how many takes of ”Burning Love” there are, but I can’t get tired of that song. ”Always on my mind”, ”Big Hunk o’ Love” basically the video that goes along with the FTD ”on Tour rehearsals” CD. Remember listening to the ”Back-stage” conversation Elvis has with the director, talking about the band and how he ”energizes” his show. Well how about seeing it now! Footage backstage has El Clowning around (baptizing) Lamar Fike, and later drying him off with a towel. Meeting a little girl with Leukaemia. Those cool jackets and Jumpsuits we never really saw enough of, all there! Expanded footage inside the Limo, man there’s so much stuff; it’s hard to tell you about all of it! Yes, it’s a bootleg, and yes it’s not quite legal sshhhh! But if you can find it, get it!

I remember the first time I saw the backstage footage from ”Elvis In Concert ’77” with Elvis kissing that little Indian girl. I teared up watching the Human side of Elvis, the side we rarely saw, and it brought him so much closer to me…to the fans! The footage and sound quality ranges, but overall it’s very enjoyable. ”On Tour-Outtakes” is a true treasure for the fans, even after all these years. You know sometimes you just stumble upon something that makes you stop in your tracks, makes your heart skip a beat. A split second of ”Is this really happening, is this real”…….This is one of those moments!

”I got your Melancholy baby… some-bitch! Built like a melon, and a face like a collie!” (Elvis clowning from ”On Tour, the outtakes).

Source: ElvisNews

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