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The Quartet That Almost Was

The Quartet That Almost Was: Donnie Sumner has just released a new CD, called “All In The Family.” It features his uncle JD Sumner, his son Jeff, his brother Pete and himself. In the liner notes, Donnie explains why he put this special CD together: “On Wednesday, before The Stamps were to leave on Thursday for what would be J.D.’s final trip, Marty, (my Wife) and I were sitting with J.D. in his car listening to the final mix of The Stamps latest record that I had just completed. (Released two months later as ”The Final Sessions”). Suddenly, J.D. got really serious and said to me, “Duck,” (that’s my family nickname) “I’ve had a dream ever since Elvis died and I’m gonna rearrange the Stamps as of January 1. This is how I want to do it. I wanna keep Rick (Strickland) on tenor, put Ed (Hill) in charge of the office and booking; and I’m gonna replace Ed (Enoch) with Jeff (Donnie’s son). Also, I want you to join me and do the baritone part.” Uncle JD never got to realize his dream but this CD is as close to it as possible.

Source: Elvis Matters


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