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The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest

The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest: Like a lot of you, I was interested in finding out the rules for this Ultimate Elvis Tribute artist Contest announced by Graceland. Announced as a world wide contest, and how to sign up a preliminary heat to be held here in Australia. I eagerly contacted EPE, advising them of my interest and advising them that I would ensure that the winner here was given a prize of travel and accommodation in Memphis for the Elvis week Rounds. The reply I got back, advised me that a fee of US$5,000 was required, that is about $7,500 Australia Dollars. Strangely though all there attached correspondence referred to Preliminary Heats in North America. At this time their are only 2 preliminary heats locked in, one during the Tupelo Elvis Festival and one at the Elvis Collingwood Festival in Canada.

To our members here in Australia, I’m sad to say that I advised them that we would be unable to do a preliminary contest here, and thanked them for the information. It was one thing to get sponsorship for the Heats Grand Prize, 2 Return Tickets and accommodation in Memphis during Elvis Week, which was about $7,000 to $10,000 worth of prize. But adding another $7,500 onto the costs was another thing.

I was hoping that EPE would settle for us arranging to get the winner there, without an additional fee.

By the way 1st prize in the competition during Elvis week is $5,000 in cash. Maybe next time.

Source: Club President


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