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Tickle Me

Tickle Me: A CD in the FTD “original soundtrack series” has just been released.
I must say the artwork is a little scratchy it could be better. The booklet is fun, with memorabilia and too tiny pictures of Jocelyn Lane.
Although the movie had a pretty strong soundtrack for an Elvis movie and a co-star that was worth looking at, this CD wasn’t expected at this stage of the series. First it is very short, but okay, FTD has promoted EPs to successful CDs, but at least those brought some outtakes that we did not have officially. Secondly, the soundtracks were strong as only “old” studio recordings were used. This CD release has nearly nothing new to offer, since most studio outtakes are released by now on the main label (Essential Elvis) or FTD (the Nashville-series).
Still, we have to admit, the CD offers a nice compilation, only disturbed by two radio trailers (why didn’t they put both of them at the end of the CD?).
Unnecessary may be too strong if we want a complete soundtrack series, but too early is the least we can say.
Track list:
· I Feel that I’ve Known You Forever
· Slowly but Surely
· Night Rider
· Put the Blame on Me
· Dirty, Dirty Feeling
· It Feels So Right
· Easy Question
· Long Lonely Highway
· I’m Yours (undubbed single master)
· Something Blue
· Make Me Know It
· Just for Old Time Sake
· Gonna Get Back Home Somehow
· There’s Always Me
· Slowly but Surely (take 1)
· It Feels So Right (take 2)
· I’m Yours (LP master)
· Long Lonely Highway (LP master)
· I Feel that I’ve Known You Forever (take 3)
· Night Rider (take 5)
· Dirty, Dirty Feeling (take 1)
· Put the Blame on Me (take 1 and 2)
· Easy Question

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