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Today In History: Elvis

Today In History: Elvis: The book ”Today in History: Elvis” by John Boertlein will be released by Emmis Books in March 2006(ISBN: 1578602645). The book will be 400 pages.

From the publisher:

”Nearly 30 years after his death, Elvis’s popularity is at an all-time high, and his legacy continues to reach new audiences — half of Graceland’s visitors are 35 or younger. With CD and video sales booming and more than 625 active Elvis fan clubs worldwide, it’s time for the ultimate Elvis trivia book.

Marking all the highs, lows, and in-betweens, these daily bytes of information are peppered with quotes about the King, “Blue Hawaii Factoids” (January 16, 1971 — Elvis is honoured by the Jaycees as one of 1970’s “Ten Outstanding Men of the Nation”), and “Hound Dog Dares of the Day” (”Do you have the nerve to mimic Elvis at work?”). Affectionate but never cloying, and with an easy “dipping” format, Today in History: Elvis is a perfect conversation piece, treasurable gift, or impulse buy for Elvis’s legions of fans.”

Source: Elvis Club Berlin

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