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TV Special Fit for a King: The Story of B&K Enterprises

TV Special Fit for a King: The Story of B&K Enterprises: With the title “Fit for a King: The Story of B&K Enterprises” a television special has been created on the B&K Enterprises costume designers and creators who were involved in the famous jumpsuits Elvis wore.

Television Special synopsis: “Fit for a King: The Story of B&K Enterprises” is the first TV-show to document the extraordinary story of B&K Enterprises one of the most unique costume shops of its kind in the world. They are internationally acclaimed for their reproductions of sequined jumpsuits, leather pants, embroidered capes, and an exquisite collection of accessories epitomized by Elvis Presley.

“Fit for a King” is an all-American story about childhood sweethearts Butch and Kim Polston who followed their dreams from small town Indiana all the way to Graceland. Butch & Kim Polston have a passion for detail that lead to a working relationship with the original fabulous designers, Bill Belew and Gene Doucette. Together they pay homage to the King with their faithful recreations.

Belew, the designer who created the head-to-toe black-leather look for the 1968 TV special that became known as Presley’s ”comeback,” became a collaborator whom Presley trusted to execute his more and more outrageous style ideas in the 1970s. In 1972 Gene Doucette, started doing the designing on Elvis costumes for Hollywood costume legend Bill Belew.

Gene designed more than 50 elaborate outfits worn by the king of rock & Roll. He has also designed wardrobes for Cher, Bette Midler, Dolly Parton Diana Ross, Carol Burnette, Tina Turner and Muhammad Ali.

Featuring rare video footage, archival photographs of Elvis wearing his amazing outfits, as well as sketches and other original documentation.
“Fit for a King” showcases the risk-taking style that was part of Presley’s power as a rock ‘n’ roll icon and the heartfelt friendships that have evolved from mutual admiration and respect.


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