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What Did Elvis Think Of Impersonators

What Did Elvis Think Of Impersonators: The fact that EPE decided to hold their first official impersonator contest is still an actual discussion. A lot of people are asking the question what Elvis would have thought about this situation. There is an answer to this question in the archives. On 19 July, 1977, Elvis wrote a letter to the winner of talent competition who did an impersonating act. People who are pro don’t read further than Elvis’ congratulations. It is not hard to understand the diplomatic message from the King in quotes as ‘Do develop YOUR OWN talent’ and ‘never neglect your own special abilities to be yourself also’. The complete letter:

Dear David,

Congratulations on winning the talent competition you were in and good luck on the show this Friday.
I really do appreciate you as a fan…. and mimicry is a sincere form of being a fan. Do develop your own special talents and abilities though, David. This is a great compliment to me that you would work so hard on this act like mine but never neglect your own special abilities to be yourself also.

Best Wishes in the future and God Bless you.
Elvis Presley

Source: Elvis Matters

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